The Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels

No stay in Ho Chi Minh City is complete without a visit to the infamous Cu Chi tunnels – a tunnel network originally over 250km in length and up to three levels deep in places

The tunnels played a huge part in the Viet Cong’s victory over the Americans, allowing the Viet Cong to control a large rural area surrounding Ho Chi Minh. The Vietnamese used the tunnels to move their men and artillery around, making it difficult for the U.S. to locate them. Today, some of the remaining tunnels have been opened to tourists, offering a unique insight into what underground life must have been like during the ‘American’ war.

The district of Cu Chi itself was the most bombed and generally devastated area in the history of warfare at that time. It was declared a ‘free fire zone’ by the US, meaning that artillery fire fell on it at night and that bomber pilots were encouraged to drop unused explosives and napalm on the area before returning to base.

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