Central Highlands

Central Highlands

Vietnam’s Central Highlands stretch from the Colonial hill-station of Dalat northwards as far as Quang Nam province to the west of Danang. It’s a fascinating region that receives a far lower number of visitors than the better known coastal region and this is very much part of what makes it such a fascinating journey.

You are likely to either start or finish your journey in Dalat whilst at the other end, where you start/finish, will very much depend on your interests and the amount of time you have.

So what do Vietnam’s Central Highlands have to offer? Well certainly stunning a mountainous landscape rich in agriculture, there’s also the various minority hill tribes (or montagnards as they were known in Colonial times) and a starkly different culture from that you will experience in the more touristic cities and towns where western influence has made its mark.

My Way Travel’s Emily, after returning from a tour of the region, said ‘Your travels will give you an insight into a far more authentic Vietnam, one that has a lot of similarities to when I first visited the country is 1992. The people are slightly more reserved without being unfriendly, you will eat in truly local restaurants, and, due to its strategic location, you can learn a great deal about Vietnam’s recent wars against both the French and Americans’.


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