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Saigon to Hanoi by bike

The Experience

This is one of our most popular trips - it includes all the best components of a solid trip to Vietnam. You'll be able to see beaches, villages, countryside, and traditional rice fields. We recently started a brand-new route that also includes visiting the Phong Nha cave region for three days and nights. Currently, the trip travels from Saigon to Hanoi. The purpose of this trip is to show you the diverse countryside of this beautiful nation. You'll see mountains, beaches, and some of the most scenic rice fields in the region. Best of all, the locals are extremely friendly and you'll be able to engage with them throughout your journey. The trip will start in Saigon and take the traditional cycling path to Hanoi - these are two of the largest cities in the country. But don't worry, we travel between some quiet and beautiful countryside along the way. We keep the driving to the bare minimum - you'll cycle for most of the trip. We spent weeks finding the best routes and stopping points so that you can enjoy a seamless trip! Not only will you see some of the most beautiful sites in the country, you'll also have the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful seafood and stay in some of the country's most luxurious hotels!

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